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Putting the Frou Back in the Frou-Frou

Max got a haircut and of course we chronicled the event as if it were Pope Francis bringing peace to the Holy Land. Kim and Kanye should have been so lucky. Max gets excited when he hears the magic words … Continue reading

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Prince Charming Update

Prince Charming’s human sent me a note advising that the Dogfather was not deaf. Like me, his age is causing a gradual drop in aural acuity. Like me, there may be a certain selectivity regarding who and what we hear and … Continue reading

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More of Max’s Buddies

Here are a couple more of Max’s fine friends, partners in canine crime within the K Streets: This is Jaquine. I’m not sure about the spelling of his name. It’s pronounced “Wa-keen.” He (yes, it’s a boy dog) is a … Continue reading

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Twerkin’ Chicken & Happy Pigs

The Canton Chinese Restaurant has a special sale on crispy chicken. Max and I went to check it out but the flashbacks were too intense. So we went over to the nice Korean restaurant Yakiniku Don Day. The logo is a … Continue reading

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Rick Bragg..a true Southern gentle man

Originally posted on ….on pets and prisoners…..:
How easy if I knew how to link this post; I don’t but no matter. This is so beautiful, I didn’t want you to not be able to read it entirely. To most,…

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A Literary Dispute

This is not shaping up to be my week. On Sunday I tried to be heroic and only succeeded in humiliating myself in front of Uncle Fish and the security staff at the Pagoda Hotel.  Now I find I am again in … Continue reading

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Old Yeller Calls for Security

“Security!” she shrieked. “Somebody call Security!” Max and I were walking down Kaheka Street next to the old Pagoda Terrace, a building in transition from budget hotel to budget condo development. The street was largely empty on this early Sunday … Continue reading

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Nooks and Crannies

This gallery contains 12 photos.

The K Streets is a neighborhood of nooks and crannies, a relatively dense urban environment where small treasures lurk around unexpected corners, behind fences and down driveways. To explore this part of paradise it is always advisable to first obtain a … Continue reading

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So Done With It

The Alpha Japanese Female thought it would be cute to put a hair band on Max. Here’s how he reacted to that notion.

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Getting A Jump on Mother’s Day

The Alpha Japanese Female (AJF) and I are both orphans. I guess that is the correct term for the oldest person perched on the family tree. I prefer the term “apex predator” but even with frequent repetition that descriptor has failed to gain … Continue reading

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