Storm Update, August 6

The good news: the first hurricane (Iselle) is likely to pass a bit south of Oahu (the yellow-colored island on the chart) rather than a direct wallop.

The bad news: it looks like it will maintain Category 1 strength and not diminish to a tropical storm until after it passes the Big Island.

Current weather in Honolulu: gorgeous, sunny, blue skies, 78 degrees and nice trade winds. The Spam and port stay in the pantry for now.

The latest storm position, this as of 6 August in mid-afternoon.

The projected storm track, this as of 6 August in mid-afternoon.

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9 Responses to Storm Update, August 6

  1. Kyla says:

    Too bad that the hurricane isn’t threatening K street in Washington DC instead. All the hot air and excess wind would blow the hurricane out to sea. Hang tight.


    • Isn’t that the truth! As I look out over the western Waianae mountains it’s a beautiful sunset with the promise of a lovely night. You’d never know a storm is approaching except for the presence of some “mare’s tail” clouds which usually signal a change of weather.


  2. loisajay says:

    I thought about you this morning when they spoke about this on NPR. Hope all is well.


    • That’s sweet of you, Lois! I noticed we also made the evening news on the networks tonight.

      Saturday is the day of our primary elections so now the flutter is that the storms may influence the outcome! Amazingly, both sides think it will favor them. The AJF and I decided to do early voting today just in case the weather turns nasty.


  3. Let’s hope the Spam stays there 😉


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