Caption This

Take me to the park.

Take me to the park.

Max and his Mom went to the park yesterday and I happened to snap the pic shown below.

I sent it to the kids and asked for their captions. The responses ranged from “Short Conga Line” to some truly rude comments that the AJF is certain to remember on birthdays and at Christmas.

I still have not figured out what is going on between these two. Feel free to submit your own caption. The winner will get imaginary internet bonus points.

I've given up trying to understand what is transpiring.

I’ve given up trying to understand what is transpiring.

Apparently they worked out their communication issues and the dog was given his instructions.

It's far easier to communicate when facing each other.

It’s far easier to communicate when facing each other.

Sorry for the drive-by post! Just wanted to say “hi.” Max will be making a new submission very soon. Promise.

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24 Responses to Caption This

  1. rileysyear says:

    “Leapfrog works better with participants of the same size…”

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  2. loisajay says:

    I cannot stop laughing enough to think of a caption. So cute! Yes, this drive-by stuff is not working!!

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  3. Push on the back of my thigh and maybe I can straighten up? Oh jeez, I have no idea, clearly I’m terrible at this stuff. I kind of like the short conga line meme. 😉
    P.S. Hurry back; we miss you guys!

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  4. markbialczak says:

    That spray spot remover really does work, Ma!

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  5. Kismet says:

    Max gives praise to AJF after great butt-sniff.


  6. Genis LeyNel says:

    Max, never mind the rude remarks. Humans! My mom says you are very soft on the eye and wants to know the secret of keeping your facial hair so super white – I can never manage that.

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    • Max only pays attention when food is involved so rude remarks just roll off his back. Like me. His fur is the result of some very fancy, costly medicated hair products that also mitigate his urge to scratch and product called Angel Eyes that reduces staining from tears.

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  7. Can’t think of a caption but my god that is such a cute pic!


  8. roweeee says:

    The answer is 42.

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  9. kerbey says:

    Mutt In the Butt. It looks like Max is about to get a piggy back ride. Or he’s acting as personal trainer to help her stretch her glutes. Personally, I’d prefer him to Jillian Michaels.

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  10. I’m utterless hopeless at captions but love a drive-by anytime from Max. See you soon!


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