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Mr. Stinky Face With Lipstick

Some of us on this blog will remember January 1, 45 BC although we will likely refer to that year as 709 A.U.C. (ab urbe condita—”from the founding of the city,” meaning Rome.) That was the day the Julian calendar … Continue reading

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‘I Thought He Would Die’: Daughter Documents Homeless Dad’s Life

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Diana Kim was shocked to encounter her father among the homeless population she was documenting in Hawaii. Rather than turn her back on the man she barely knew, she turned her camera on him instead.…

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A Community Of Dogs

From the top of our condo, urban Honolulu looks to be an undifferentiated mass of concrete spreading out to Diamond Head in the East and the Pacific Ocean to the South. In reality, this sprawl is an aggregation of smaller … Continue reading

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