Miss Kiku – Grand Champion!

For the past week or so the AJF and I were in sunny California visiting spawn and enjoying a get away.

Max was in dog jail which is how he thinks of boarding. We got some good news upon our return.

Here's our new Grand Champion - what a cutie. And obviously playing to the crowd!

Here’s our new Grand Champion – what a cutie. And obviously playing to the crowd!

We found out that on September 5th our favorite little Yorkie, Miss Kiku, became an AKC Grand Champion, winning Best of Breed to achieve the final qualification for that exalted ranking.

Previously, she had fulfilled the other requirements of winning 25 points and 3 majors, with the last item being to beat three champions.

Her competition was Pierre, a formidable Yorkie with many notches on his collar for wins as a show dog.

He thought he could beat our Kiku but she refused to be intimidated.

“C’est dommage, mademoiselle, but I am French and thus the superior chien,” he said dismissively, trying to rattle Kiku.

The tiny champion with her professional handler. The AJF says I could use a professional handler, too.

The tiny champion with her professional handler. The AJF says I could use a professional handler, too.

“Hon, hon,” she replied in fluent French which no one knew she could speak, “Vous êtes un chien stupide et sentez comme le fromage puant.“

OK, maybe I made up that dialogue but you catch my drift, n’est-ce pas?

Note fancy Latvian hair bow, discussed in previous Kiku posts.

Note fancy Latvian hair bow, discussed in previous Kiku posts.

On the downside, Miss Kiku’s owner, uh, servant had the sheer effrontery to move out of our happy condo to new digs so it’s not certain we can claim this Fluff Pup as one of our own any more.

But we can always say we knew her when….

Kiku in her pajamas watching the laundry. It's her new favorite hobby.

Kiku in her pajamas watching the laundry. It’s her new favorite hobby.

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16 Responses to Miss Kiku – Grand Champion!

  1. Oh my goodness! What a little beauty! I want to cuddle her!
    I’m so glad Max is out of jail… Poor little guy!

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  2. loisajay says:

    Yay for Miss Kiku! Oh, but she moved…….that does not speak well of you and Max. Pfffft! What am I saying? Max is the Cute Guy of All Times, so there, Miss Kiku!
    Jail…When I would board my dogs, my little Maltese would refuse to look at me until we got home and she made sure I had closed the door behind us and she was safe, again. Poor little guy. So glad you busted him out. 🙂

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    • I know that refusal to make eye contact routine which is designed to lay the guilt on us. It usually works. The folks at the boarding place didn’t help when they related stories about Max constantly seeking to engage the staff (not other dogs) in play during our absence. Also, Max lost 1 pound in weight. That was actually a good outcome but the Malt parlayed it into a plea for more treats.

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  3. Kismet says:

    I didn’t know that there was trash talking at dog competitions.

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    • Oh yeah, it gets fierce. You got your dachshunds yapping guttural German, poodles cursing like Marseilles sailors, Afghan hounds threatening doom in Pashto and Maltese speaking…well, nobody really knows what Maltese speak. And the humans are catty.


  4. Ahhh, such is the lot of those destined for greater things. Let’s hope Ms. Kiku won’t forget her former K St ardent supporter any time soon and hopefully the spawn visit was a good one! Ear scratches for Max, AKA former prisoner No. 431-5062. 🙂


  5. She has a certain look in her eye…I wouldn’t like to be the judge that tried to mark her down….

    Has Max forgiven you yet or does that take the delivery of a lorry load of dog treats and several visits to Mr. Fish?


    • So far there have been no demands but it’s just a matter of time before we are taken to task for abandoning the pup to the harsh life of a boarding kennel. Payback is inescapable and the Malt is toying with us now by leaving his revenge dangling above us like Damocles’s sword. It’s no coincidence we recently caught the Malt watching a re-run of the movie “There Will Be Blood.”

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  6. tavelaudrey says:

    oh how adorable, Ms. Kiku and poor max in the doggy slammer.


  7. kerbey says:

    Her shiny coat gives Kelly LeBroc a run for her money in those Pantene “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” commercials. Kiku is worked to the nines. You go, girl.


  8. markbialczak says:

    Grand champion PJs. Now I’ve seen it or I wouldn’t have believed it, Tom. Miss Kiku is one good-looking pooch in her glamor shots. Hi, Max! You’re nice looking, too.


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