Max and Me

This blog originated in Hawaii and the name “K Streets” derived from the Honolulu neighborhood where we lived. It started as a narrative and a reflection on neighborhood matters, lowbrow philosophical issues and random dog-related musings – things that occurred to me while I walked the area with my Maltese dog, Max.

But our location has changed. In late 2015, Max and his DogMom the AJF (“Alpha Japanese Female”) and I moved from our island home to Rancho Cucamonga, a pretty little community about an hour or so east of Los Angeles. Like many oldsters, our move was intended to allow us more time with kids and grandkids, most of whom live in California.

Max and I are best buddies. It’s funny how a small ball of fluff and attitude can weave its way into one’s heart. He’s a sweet tempered little guy who likes people more than other dogs. His favorite things are fresh roasted chicken, bacon pieces delivered by guilt laden dog-parents, a toy hedgehog that squeaks and sleeping on the foot of our bed

Max is used to moving. We got Max when we were living for awhile in the desert area of Southwest Utah. One day my wife and I were in the grocery store waiting our turn at the cashier station when we spotted on the store’s bulletin board a photo of a Maltese baby dog, (often called a “puppy”). We looked at the photo, at each other, once more at the puppy and that was it…we were done, stick a fork in us and go get that dog! He came home with us that day. That was over 9 years ago.

Max got his name because we are not very creative or imaginative in pet naming and that’s all I have to say about that. Except he came this close (imagine thumb and forefinger in proximity) to being named “Tofu.”

Anyway, we moved from Utah home to Hawaii in 2010 and of course Max came along as a full fledged family member. He loved Hawaii and made many dog and human friends there. This blog includes almost 150 stories of Max’s adventures in Hawaii.

Now, the Mighty Malt patrols California, experiencing new adventures, exploring unusual places and sharing his life in his new home.

I hope you enjoy the tales of this gentle little white dog named Max.

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31 Responses to About

  1. writetowag says:

    Thank you for visiting us…Great to meet you!!!!


  2. Clowie says:

    Thank you for visiting me, it’s lovely to meet you.


  3. Kyla says:

    I always thought that Mahalo meant “you’ve been ripped off”. Shows what I know.


    • “Mahalo” is printed on the trash cans here to thank people for being considerate and depositing their trash in an appropriate receptacle. Consequently, many visitors believe that “Mahalo” means “Trash”.


  4. 1annecasey says:

    OMG – Max sounds so like our little Monty! Thanks so much for dropping by our blog. Max is just divine! : )))


  5. Thanks for your lovely and funny reply to my latest post. Your writing always makes me laugh. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the way you write and your witty turn of phrase. It’s great to know there is another person out there as crazy about their little ball of fluff as I am! I’ve just noticed your name and am wondering if you have an Irish or Scots ancestry? Anyway, keep up the great work!


    • You got me…Irish on my Dad’s side as far back as anyone can find. Galbraith and McLaughlin. But nowadays a full family photo would like a meeting of the Diversity Council at the UN. We have Irish, Ukrainian, Polish, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, some French and German and a tad of Norwegian in the mix.

      Oh, and one small, furry dab of Maltese!


  6. zebrakat says:

    Thank you for liking my blog entry. I will look forward to reading more about Max’s adventures. 😄


  7. roweeee says:

    One of the things that I love about blogging is how you can hook up with people with similar interests all around the world and you have the opportunity to experience another part of the world without leaving home. While you are walking Max around Hawaii, I’m walking my dog along the Pittwater side of Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia or on the Central Coast just north of here. North Palm Beach has some great surfing but the Pittwater side is flat water and we’re on tidal flats so I have to keep a close eye on the tides. High tide means I’m out in the kayak where I have been joined by the dogs for better or worse and low tide means walking the dog. Being a writer, I frequently miss the boat. I’ve really appreciated the phrase: “The tide waits for no man.”


    • I almost broke into song about Max and Lady so far apart but wishing on the same bright star. Then I remembered that the last time I tried singing, the police were called and the incident was really quite ugly.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Just found you. Love your blog


  9. roweeee says:

    Hi Tom,
    After all our chats, had to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Love your blog. It has me in stitches and it’s the cheapest way I know to visit Hawaii. The details are here on my blog: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/yippee-accepting-the-versatile-bloggers-award/
    Best wishes,


  10. Kat says:

    Thanks for liking my poem. Obviously you understand how we felt about our little Zsa Zsa. Please visit stopalongtheway.net for my musings similar to yours. Btw, I love your blog and Hawaii!


  11. cinnamon4789 says:

    Hi, I love reading your blog! The stories you write are so unique and inspiring. I also love reading stories of your dog Max. I’ve nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can find out the rules by clicking here: https://funnydogmoments.wordpress.com/2014/12/30/nominated-for-very-inspiring-blogger-award/

    Congrats & Happy New Year!


  12. colinandray says:

    Hi Maxwell – Given that we just had some snow, and freezing rain (so my walk is on hold at the present), I thought I’d say ‘Hi!” to someone in a different climate! My name is Ray, and I am a Shepherd/Rotti X (and very good looking)! Have a great day, or night, depending on what your clocks are telling you! Woof!


  13. roweeee says:

    Hi Max,
    I know how much you love going to the salon and this photo reminded me of you. Hope it works. I’ve copied it from Facebook. xx Rowena


  14. roweeee says:

    Hello Max,
    Here’s another trophy for the pool room.
    Congratulations! I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Premio Dardos Award. I love how you combine historical and cultural stories about Hawaii with your adventures. I even share some of your posts with my kids and they think you’re exceptionally cute. You can click here for the details: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2015/01/24/accepting-the-premio-dardos-award/ xx Rowena from Beyond the Flow.


  15. roweeee says:

    Hi Tom,
    Couldn’t leave you and Max off my latest awards list. I have been awarded the Very Inspiring Blog Award and have nominated yourself and Max as well as a few other dog blogs. Many of the blogs I’ve nominated deal with adversity of some sort, using in the health sphere but are very uplifting. I nominated you and Max because i really look forward to reading your posts and they cheer me up and I love reading all the historical and cultural details of Hawaii. I am quite a convert after seeing the non-touristy side of things.
    Hope you have recovered from your trip to the AJF’s doctor. I feel your pain.
    xx Rowena


  16. 2ndhalfolife says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  17. rileysyear says:

    Thanks for dropping by Miss Riley’s world! We hope you’ll come again!


  18. ergozen says:

    Tofu would have been great, but Max is great too.


  19. JC says:

    Thanks for liking my post, ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’. I like your blog and Maxwell! I will check it out some more. -JC


  20. I have no idea how you found my blog on ‘coat change’, but i decided to check your blog out and it’s interesting. By accident, i have a degree in urban planning…so I am always interested in klife in other cities—especially with dogs!


  21. lesliepaints says:

    Ha! I love Maltese!


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  23. Wonderfully informative and entertaining piece on hummingbirds and pineapples. I mix a little pineapple juice with sugar water for my feeders. They love it!


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  25. Dear Max and team: I’ve nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award. Of course participation is optional but if you are interested you can get more information here on my recent post: https://goldenkali.com/2017/08/08/one-lovely-blog-award/
    – Take care,
    Mike and Kali


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