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In Memoriam: RIP Prince Charming

It’s so sad when a dog friend dies. In their passing we are reminded starkly just how important these creatures are in our lives. We think of their boundless good will, their devotion, and their unequivocal acceptance of their owners, … Continue reading

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Insensitive Lout

Sometimes I’m just an insensitive lout. Other times I’m worse. Recently I was crowing about how Honolulu lucked out on Hurricane Iselle and declared the storm as little more than an inconvenience. I completely failed to note that some of my fellow … Continue reading

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Marketing the Condo Party

Hawaii is the 50th State and as American as apple pie. Except we don’t really identify much with apple pie. We’re far more likely to identify with haupia pie made from coconuts or taro pie or any of a bunch … Continue reading

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Condo Party!

Wifey and I have owned our little condo on Kaheka since it was erected in 1982/1983. Over the ensuing 30 years we have been absent more than resident and during those times we simply rented out the place but always … Continue reading

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